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PowReady’s network of portable power banks gives you power where you need it, when you need it most. It’s great for customers and businesses alike, providing businesses with extra footfall and greater dwell time.

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About us

We’re transforming the way we think about charging.

We know how frustrating it is to run out of battery when you’re out and about and that endless searches for sockets, borrowed cables and personal power packs just don’t cut it.

We take the hassle out of charging by giving you the freedom to charge on your terms. Our network of charging hubs can be found across the UK & Europe and our portable chargers give you maximum flexibility and convenience to charge on the go. Simply find your nearest charging hub via our app and take advantage of our free charging period to power up your battery.

Our partner venues benefit from an enhanced customer service, increased footfall and greater dwell time. We install, manage and maintain all our charging hubs so joining our network is zero cost and hassle-free.


Powerful Features

Fast & Easy

Fast charge to all devices. (iPhone) USB Port, Micro USB & Type-C

Easy Operation

Scan the QR code. Power on the go in seconds

Return Everywhere

Return to any PowReady docking station across your city and beyond

Easy Notifications

Always be notified on how much has been charged

Secure Payment

Quick and secure payment.

Own a power bank & charge anywhere

Buy a power bank from us and swap for a fully charged one anywhere

Pricing Plan

Our Awesome Pricing Plan

30 minutes Free

  • First 30 minutes free
  • every day


  • £1 per hour
  • Maximum £3
£ 1 /hour £ 3 max

Unlimited charging

  • Weekly, monthly & yearly
  • unlimited charging
  • with up to 95% savings
£ 20 /year
Our Partners

Our partners love us

Z Hotel

National Distribution

We distribute our station and batteries for every Z Hotel in the UK.

City University Of London

Multiple choice on station size

We place and manage different size of stations, from small to large

Royal Holloway University of London

Extra large stations

We supply extra large stations, which can hosts up to 80 batteries.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Renting a PowReady battery

To get started, download the PowReady app via the App Store or Google Play Store. Following that, you will need to create an account, top-up your wallet, and scan the QR code located on the PowReady machine “Docking Station”. The battery will then be released for you. Next time, you will just need to scan the QR code to borrow a battery.

Finding a PowReady station

You can view the nearest station on our app simply by using the location feature, as well as view all our stations on the app. Please enable location service on your device settings.

Multiple chargers

You can only borrow one power bank at a time.


Every customer has a free allotted 30-minutes of charge time per day at the first usage. You will be charged 1 pound every hour after that and no more than a maximum of 3 pounds per day.
In addition, you can also purchase our annual package, which gives you free charging anytime, anywhere for 1 year.

Usage exceeds balance

If the usage of your power bank exceeds your account balance, you will be unable to deploy a PowReady power bank until topping up your wallet to the appropriate level.

Full station

Our app shows the number of empty slots at each location. In the very unlikely case when the station is full, please go to the PowReady app to find the nearest station with empty slots.

Using a PowReady battery

There are three cables available; iPhone, Micro USB and USB-C. Choose the cable which is suitable for your device and plug it into your phone. Then click the button on the PowReady power bank and you can start to charge your device. The power bank can be charged independently as well, which means you can recharge it at home and reuse it anywhere at any time.

Cannot release a PowReady battery

Listed below are possible issues which may be encountered when trying to borrow a battery:
- Not enough credit in your account: We require at least 10 pounds credit available to cover the battery deposit.
- Connectivity issues: Please make sure that you have successfully connected to the internet and are in a good network environment.
- App bug issues: Close the app running on your device and reopen it.
- Docking station malfunctioning: If the docking station you scanned is not connected to a power supply or a network, you will not be able to rent a battery, nor will you be charged. Please find another station using our application’s location service.

If the problem is not one of the four above, please reach out to our support team at and we will reply you as soon as possible to find a solution.

Cannot use a PowReady battery

Please make sure you have clicked the on button on the power bank, the lights one the side will tell you how much power remains. We will never provide you with a low-power battery, if a low power battery is ejected please report it to our team immediately.

If the power bank still is not charging your device, please report the faulty battery to our support team by emailing us at

Buying a PowReady battery

You can purchase a PowReady power bank annual plan by keeping the battery more than 7 days. The maximum charge is 21 pounds. After entering into the annual plan, you will enjoy 1 year of free swap at any of our docking stations. The best way to benefit this scheme is to return the battery to a docking station after every usage, the next time you can get a battery for free from any of our stations (deposit still required).

Buying an annual package

You can buy an annual package for 21 pounds. You will be able to rent a battery anytime from any station totally for free. This package will last for one year.

Travelling with PowReady

You can take a PowReady power bank abroad, however we will keep charging you for 7 days at a maximum of 3 pounds a day.

Returning a PowReady battery

Once you are finished using the PowReady power bank, push the power bank into an empty slot at any PowReady station. Make sure to push down hard initially to lock the device into place, the next press the button labeled ‘return’ on the app. You will receive a return confirmation which also provides you with the receipt for the payment.

Cannot return a PowReady battery

You may encounter the following issues when returning a battery:
- Battery inserted is upside down: Our battery has a magnet for us to recognise a successful return, please make sure the magnet side is inwards when returning.
- Battery damaged: Our machine can determine if a battery is damaged and will not accept the return in that case.
- Docking station malfunctioning: Please make sure to return the battery to a station with a lit green light. If you have already inserted the battery into any station with no green light, ask the staff at the venue to ensure the station is plugged into a power supply and powered on. If the problem is still not solved, email us.

If the problem is not listed above, please reach out to our support team by emailing us at

Credit top-up

To top up your credits, go to Wallet -> ADD FUNDS. Choose the amount you want to top up, then choose your payment method. You will have three payment methods available; Apple pay, Google Pay and pay by card. We are currently offering amazing discount for a limited time period.

Link a bank card

Unfortunately, currently you cannot link a bank card, however this will be in the next version of our app soon.

Losing or damaging a PowReady battery

If you cannot return your power bank due to any loss or damage, please contact our support team. You will be charged 20 pounds for the lost or damaged battery and we will unlock your account.

Empty station

Our app shows the number of available batteries at each location. However in the very unlikely case, if the station is empty, please go to the PowReady app to find the nearest station with available power banks.